Want to know when new dapps come along?

If enough people are interested, I'll start sending a recap of some of the dapps people tell me about. Not all, just some. I'll be sure to toss out the questionable stuff. If there isn't enough interest... I won't send anything so if you want to see this happen, consider letting your colleagues know.

Tell me about your dapp.

Who is your dapp for? What does it do? People have been asking me about dapps (decentralized applications) for a couple years now so I really want to know… and so do many other people who will soon be discovering dapps for the first time.

We're all looking for dapps with a reasonable promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Will your dapp be here when they come looking?

Let me know about your dapp and if it seems like something people would be interested in, I may post it here for others to check out as well. I'm just getting set up so, for now, you can reach me on Twitter: @dappshq and @NicheDiver. :)